Ep. 003 – Let Us Linger Longer – 2 Sam. 9:7

Seek Him Early
Seek Him Early
Ep. 003 - Let Us Linger Longer - 2 Sam. 9:7

A meditation on 2 Sam. 9:7 that encourages to unhurriedly linger over God’s Word.


  1. Thank You Brother Doc Watson! This brought tears to my eyes Brother, being reminded of our King and His goodness towards us in supplying the food that the world knows not. I guess I am getting a little tender hearted in my old age. Love You Brother in Christ Jesus. Michael

  2. Pastor,just listened to my first podcast of Seek Him Early.I don’t think I tell you enough what a joy it is to sit under your teaching and exposition and how blessed I am to have such a wonderful Shepherd such as you.I have learned to love God,s word and the blessings it brings to my life,yes indeed we should all take it to heart and learn to linger longer in the presence of out holy, sovereign,Father God..

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