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Sola Scriptura Ministries is not a para-church organization, rather an outreach of Grace Bible Church. We would share four key thoughts with you about this ministry.

Our Purpose

Sola Scriptura is Latin for “the Scripture Alone” and formed the very foundation of the Protestant Reformation. Sola Scriptura Ministries is a ministry of Grace Bible Church of Meeker, Colorado and its pastor, Dr. J. D. Watson. Its burden is the defense of the infallibility, authority, and sufficiency of the Word of God as the only rule in all matters. In a day when the Scriptures are more and more diluted and ignored, there is an ever-increasing need to “earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints” (Jude 3).

Our purpose, therefore, is to defend the Scriptures through the pulpit and printed page. Through booklets, books, and computer resources, it is our goal to challenge Christians to stand for Biblical authority.

Our Policy

One of the greatest burdens we have is the way most publishers in our day operate. Whether it is true or not, it at least appears that many publishers are more concerned about money than ministry. It is tragic that God’s Word is considered as just another product and is marketed accordingly.

It is, therefore, our policy that we make our publications available on what is commonly called “a love offering basis.” While a suggested donation is given for each item, this is meant only as a guideline for those who are led to support the work. Nothing is ever demanded . If you can’t afford to give, or even if you can but don’t wish to, that is fine. We make these resources available as God provides. No individuals receive any donated money. All monies are used for further publications. Our purpose is for this ministry to truly be a ministry. We simply seek to cover costs and propagate further outreach.

Our Publications

There is much on this site, so we hope you will take the time to look around. The Resources page, for example, lists books, booklets, and many other articles. Sola Scriptura Publications is also a major emphasis, as we publish books for God’s glory.

Our Passion

As already noted, our passion is that of the authority and sufficiency of Scripture. One aspect of that is the exposition of the Word. Solid expository preaching is all but gone in our day, being replaced by everything under the sun. It is our desire to defend such preaching, and there is a lot of it on this site.

Another aspect of this passion, however, is the defense of the Traditional Text of the New Testament, on which the Textus Receptus and Authorized King James Version are based. Our founder, in fact, was not trained in this position. Like most in recent history, he was trained to trust the Critical Text and modern versions of the Bible as “the best,” and he even taught this way for several years. But when confronted with the real facts, his view changed dramatically.

Now, we are well aware of the controversy of this issue, and we have been criticized severally for our position. As an example, our founder received an email from one visitor that said, “How sad, you’re just another King James only website.” That comment was deeply distressing, because it could not be further from the truth. The typical KJV only advocate is an embarrassment as he “foams at the mouth” and casts aspersion upon anyone who does not agree with him. This is not our platform. We believe in the evidence and attitudes from the scholars who have dealt with this issue but who have been largely ignored by most who hold the typical view of today. Much of that scholarly work is represented on this web site. All we ask is that we not be lumped in with the “Peter Ruckmans” who are neither scholarly, fair, nor gracious.

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