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       Meet Pastor Watson                                   Books for God's Glory
        Dr. J. D. Watson is the pastor-teacher                                                     Pastor Watson's books from Sola
        of Grace Bible Church in Meeker,                                                           Scriptura Publications and other
        Colorado, as well as an author and Bible                                                 publishers.  Learn more
        Conference speaker.  Learn more
       Truth on Tough Texts                                       Our Blogs  
        Our monthly print and electronic                                                               We maintain several blogs:
        publication.  Learn more and read                                 Expositing Ephesians: http://expositingephesians.blogspot.com/
                                                                                    Tas Membranas (book reviews): http://tas-membranas.blogspot.com/
                                                                                              Calvin for Today: http://johncalvinfortoday.blogspot.com/
           MP3  Library                                         Other Resources  
        Samples of Pastor Watson's preaching and                                    Many other text resources.  Explore
        teaching ministry.  Listen
                 Links                                          Pastor Watson's Itinerary
        Links to recommended blogs and other                                            Other preaching and teaching
        websites of interest.  Explore                                                            opportunites.  Check
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